Thistle by Name.

Thistle by Nature is a Brighton based floral design studio founded by self confessed petal-head Emma Thistlethwaite.

Innately botanical, Emma see’s the natural world as her biggest enthusiasm. Being exposed to the industry from age 8, it was no surprise her hands-on nature, love for the outdoors and background in design would materialise into a career in floristry. Her floral journey began its bloom in 2014, in the form of an apprenticeship. Instantaneously falling in love with the world around her, there was no doubt she’d be finding leaves in her boots for years to come.

Later in 2017, freelancing a season overseas with design studios and shops in Australia’s progressive city of Melbourne, strengthened her skills in event floristry and exposed her to working with higher profile clients, new techniques and larger installations.

Upon her return to the UK, Thistle by Nature was officially readied for wedding, event & styling action. Taking influence from her time away, its colours, feeling & flora, it was time to grow a dream of her own.

Having always been swayed towards less structured, loose and organic aesthetics,
I aim to create work that is in essence, an ode to the outdoors, garden colour palettes & the ever changing seasons.
At Thistle by Nature we endeavour to work closely with each client to ensure a unique outcome of exceptional quality.
Selecting the correct blooms, in the correct shades to match the personality of each unique couple/event.
The strong wonder and artistry I see in each petal, leaf, branch & berry is what spurs me to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in every situation,
floral or not.
Heres to mother nature, may she forever leave us in awe of this little rock we call home.
— Emma.